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Discover how the National Motor Club affiliate program can help you reach your fundraising goals.


What is the affiliate program?

It's an easy, fun, unique way for your organization to earn extra money to support your activities by promoting membership in NMC. It provides an ongoing, perpetual revenue stream and -best of all- it costs nothing to get started with your fundraising campaign.

How does it work?

Your group can raise money simply by sharing information about NMC Membership with family, friends, neighbors, and supporters within your social network. You don't have to sell anything.

When someone joins NMC through your group's campaign, you will receive a marketing fee each time they make a payment. NMC offers several different memberships at a variety of price points with a choice of features and benefits. That means you'll have something to offer everyone that fits their specific needs.

Who is National Motor Club?

Founded in 1956, National Motor Club (NMC) is a premier provider of emergency roadside assistance and other safety, security and protection related benefits. The Irving, Texas-based company serves millions of travelers throughout the United States and Canada and is one of the largest independently owned motor clubs. NMC is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and consistently receives high marks from customers with a satisfaction rating topping 97%. All of our operations are proudly based in the U.S.

Seven reasons why the affiliate program is awesome!

Simple process & no start up costs

It's quick and easy to get started.
 - Fill out the affiliate application. It takes less than 5 minutes (yes, we timed it)!
 - Refer group members, family, friends, and supporters to your co-branded website
 - Receive a marketing fee each time someone who enrolled through your website makes a payment

Innovative product

Set your group apart by offering something unique. NMC Membership appeals to nearly everyone, because personal safety, family security, and saving money are concerns that touch people from all walks of life.

Trusted brand name

National Motor Club (NMC) has been in business since 1956, is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, and has customer satisfaction ratings that are consistently above 97%.

No inventory

No boxes of candy, tubs of cookie dough, or reams of wrapping paper. The NMC Affiliate program provides you with a streamlined option that removes the hassle of storing and delivering merchandise.

No money to collect

No more scrambling for change or keeping up with checks. All payments are collected by NMC and you will receive a monthly check based on the number of sales your organization generates.

Promotional support

To get the word out about your campaign, your group will have your own web page, graphics and content to use in social media, and PDF flyers you can print and distribute – all created by professional designers. Your local NMC Independent Benefits Consultant can also be a resource to help you succeed.

Unlimited reach

Why limit your sales territory to where you can walk or drive? As an NMC Affiliate, your group can generate sales from supporters across the US*. Share information via your social networks and watch your fundraiser go viral!

Our Products

The chart below will give you a general overview of how the plans stack up side by side. If you have questions, your local Independent Benefits Consultant can assist you or you are welcome to call NMC Member Services at 800-523-4582.

Benefits and Services

Security Shield $29/Month

  • Up to $300
  • $20,000

Security Premier $20/Month

  • Up to $100
  • $10,000

Security Plus $16/Month

  • Up to $100
  • $10,000

Security Protection $11/Month

  • Up to $100/Limited
  • Limited
  • $10,000/Limited

Security Basic $8/Month

*NMC membership is not available in AK, AL, CA, WA. Benefit availability and limitations may vary by state. See Member Benefit Guide for details.